Where can the Motor Maid be used?

The Motor Maid was originally designed to be used in vehicles. It’s compact design and attachment system makes it the ideal waste disposal system for cars, trucks and vans. It is also great for recreational vehicles, boats and planes. You can use the Motor Maid anywhere!

How does the Motor Maid stay secured?

The Motor Maid can be securely attached to just about anything using the drawstring tightening system that runs through the top. You can attach it to the front of a seat, back of a seat, side console or other convenient areas.

Does it use a trash bag?

No. The Motor Maid uses our unique continuous liner system that is equivalent to 20 traditional trash bags. The liners are tough, flexible and tear resistant. They are also made from 20% recycled materials.

How do cut the liner when the bag is full?

The Motor Maid has a built-in cutting system that is specifically designed to cut our liners. There is no need to use any additional products to cut or tear liners for use. Simply tie a knot in the used liner and cut off at the desired point. For more information on how to install our liner system click here.

Where can I buy more liners?

Every Motor Maid comes with a continuous liner system that is equivalent to 20 traditional trash bags. You can also order more liners directly from our website and have them shipped to your door.

What does the Motor Maid cost?

The Motor Maid costs $24.99 plus shipping and handling.

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